Why isn't Grsecurity being sued for its long standing GPL violations??

From: gameonlinux
Date: Sun Sep 15 2019 - 00:36:55 EST

Hi, RMS and Bruce Perens;

I noticed that recently Grsecurity's Brad Spengler (who sued you, Bruce, for speaking the truth), decided to "Flex" and basically advertise while chastising the linux community:


Another poster then pointed out the history of Grsecurity's copyright violations (as a derivative work that is restricting redistribution), but said he didn't want to say to much, because he didn't want to get sued. He referenced your good write-up on the situation: perens.com/2017/06/28/warning-grsecurity-potential-contributory-infringement-risk-for-customers/

(Which has not changed)

Why isn't Grsecurity being sued for it's copyright violations? They've been going on for years now. Clearly their scheme works: it can be shown to a court both the attempt to restrict redistribution was tendered (the agreement) and that said attempt has been successful.

Also isn't Open Source Security simply an alter-ego of Brad Spengler? Him being the only employee? Couldn't the corporate veil be pierced and he be found personally liable for any damages?