Re: [PATCH] usb:cdns3: Fix for CV CH9 running with g_zero driver.

From: Felipe Balbi
Date: Tue Oct 08 2019 - 08:59:06 EST


Peter Chen <peter.chen@xxxxxxx> writes:
> On 19-10-07 07:39:11, Pawel Laszczak wrote:
>> Patch fixes issue with Halt Endnpoint Test observed
> %s/Endnpoint/Endpoint
>> during using g_zero
>> driver as DUT. Bug occurred only on some testing board.
> g_zero is legacy, please use configfs function source_sink or loopback
> instead.

We still want fixes for those ;-)

>> Endpoint can defer transition to Halted state if endpoint has pending
>> requests.
> The implementation of halt handling is a little complicated, you may
> consider return -EAGAIN for functional stall through usb_ep_set_halt
> from function driver if the requests are pending, it doesn't need to
> defer such kinds of functional stall.

-EAGAIN, IIRC is only supposed to be used for IN endpoint stalls.


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