Re: [PATCH] Convert filldir[64]() from __put_user() to unsafe_put_user()

From: Al Viro
Date: Tue Oct 08 2019 - 16:16:22 EST

On Tue, Oct 08, 2019 at 08:58:58PM +0100, Al Viro wrote:

> That's powerpc. And while the constant-sized bits are probably pretty
> useless there as well, note the allow_read_from_user()/prevent_read_from_user()
> part. Looks suspiciously similar to user_access_begin()/user_access_end()...
> The difference is, they have separate "for read" and "for write" primitives
> and they want the range in their user_access_end() analogue. Separating
> the read and write isn't a problem for callers (we want them close to
> the actual memory accesses). Passing the range to user_access_end() just
> might be tolerable, unless it makes you throw up...

BTW, another related cleanup is futex_atomic_op_inuser() and
arch_futex_atomic_op_inuser(). In the former we have
if (!access_ok(uaddr, sizeof(u32)))
return -EFAULT;

ret = arch_futex_atomic_op_inuser(op, oparg, &oldval, uaddr);
if (ret)
return ret;
and in the latter we've got STAC/CLAC pairs stuck into inlined bits
on x86. As well as allow_write_to_user(uaddr, sizeof(*uaddr)) on

I don't see anything in x86 one objtool would've barfed if we pulled
STAC/CLAC out and turned access_ok() into user_access_begin(),
with matching user_access_end() right after the call of
arch_futex_atomic_op_inuser(). Everything is inlined there and
no scary memory accesses would get into the scope (well, we do
if (!ret)
*oval = oldval;
in the very end of arch_futex_atomic_op_inuser() there, but oval
is the address of a local variable in the sole caller; if we run
with kernel stack on ring 3 page, we are deeply fucked *and*
wouldn't have survived that far into futex_atomic_op_inuser() anyway ;-)