(was Fair Trade O.S.) Operating Systems Philosophy Completed

From: Ywe CÃrlyn
Date: Wed Oct 09 2019 - 03:52:55 EST

Ok, I think I have a fully and complete view of operating systems philosophy.

Basically a good O.S. philosophy can be traced back to 1000 A.D. and the Saxons forcing the bible, and "god" on people in Norway. Still Norway never really did not become un-varangian.
Today contemplating a background on a good O.S. based on my research, I understand that varangian culture was quite good, and building further on it, ridding oneself of the christian trinitarian god, we can also have a good O.S.

Therefore the system is now named Varanger Sys, with Cider as the original drink of TÃr. And the EDM culture of the 90s that Norway was largely influental in, I have named Ãpp Varanger EDM, that went all the way up to Kygo (and Maren), that represents types already established in the 90s, which I was part of. Very Norwegian, Scandinavian, probably European, and maybe other places. And we fully support EU.

This is the final basis of my operating system philosophy, and cultural aspect. Small changes may come, if it improves things.

Best Greetings,
Ywe CÃrlyn
Lead & Philosophy
Varanger Sys