Re: clk: rockchip: Checking a kmemdup() call in rockchip_clk_register_pll()

From: Markus Elfring
Date: Sun Oct 13 2019 - 04:46:10 EST

>> * Do you find the usage of the format string â%s: could not allocate
>> rate table for %s\nâ still appropriate at this place?
> If there is an internal "no-memory" output from inside kmemdup now,
> I guess the one in the clock driver would be a duplicate and could go away.

How do you think about to recheck information sources around
the Linux allocation failure report?

>> * Is there a need to adjust the error handling here?
> There is no need for additional error handling.

If you would like to omit the macro call âWARNâ, I would expect also
to express a corresponding null pointer check.

> Like if the rate-table could not be duplicated,
> the clock will still report the correct clockrate
> you can just not set a new rate.

How much will a different system configuration matter finally?
(Do you really want to treat this setting as âoptionalâ?)

> And for a system it's always better to have the clock driver present
> than for all device-drivers to fail probing. Especially as this start as
> core clock driver, so there is no deferring possible.

I imagine that such a view can be clarified further.