Re: [PATCH 1/2] staging: vc04_services: fix lines ending with open parenthesis

From: Stefan Wahren
Date: Sun Oct 13 2019 - 15:05:46 EST

Hi Jules,

Am 13.10.19 um 20:34 schrieb Jules Irenge:
> Fix lines ending with open parenthesis. Issue detected by checkpatch tool.
> In the process, change driver functions name in the multiple files from:
> vchiq_mmal_port_parameter_set to vmp_prmtr_set
> vchiq_mmal_component_disable to vm_cmpnt_disable
> vchiq_mmal_port_connect_tunnel to vmp_cnnct_tunnel
> vchiq_mmal_component_enable to vm_cmpnt_enable

please no. Changing random function names into something unreadable
doesn't increase code readability. We need to keep an eye on the whole
interface. Maybe you better start with the 2nd part of Joe's suggestion