Re: clk: samsung: Checking a kmemdup() call in _samsung_clk_register_pll()

From: Chanwoo Choi
Date: Mon Oct 14 2019 - 02:50:45 EST


On 19. 10. 12. ìí 11:17, Markus Elfring wrote:
> Hello,
> I tried another script for the semantic patch language out.
> This source code analysis approach points out that the implementation
> of the function â_samsung_clk_register_pllâ contains also a call
> of the function âkmemdupâ.
> * Do you find the usage of the format string â%s: could not allocate
> rate table for %s\nâ still appropriate at this place?
> * Is there a need to adjust the error handling here?

drivers/clk/samsung/clk-pll.c considers the case of 'pll->rate_table is NULL'
So, maybe just show the warning message if failed to allocate memory
of 'pll->rate_table'. Bu, IMHO, the error handling is necessary
in order to support what 'pll_clk->rate_table' isn't NULL.

> Regards,
> Markus

Best Regards,
Chanwoo Choi
Samsung Electronics