Re: [RFC PATCH v3 4/6] psci: Add hvc call service for ptp_kvm.

From: Paolo Bonzini
Date: Mon Oct 14 2019 - 02:58:58 EST

On 14/10/19 07:50, Jianyong Wu (Arm Technology China) wrote:
>> John (Stultz), does that sound good to you? The context is that Jianyong
>> would like to add a hypercall that returns a (cycles,
>> nanoseconds) pair to the guest. On x86 we're relying on the vclock_mode
>> field that is already there for the vDSO, but being able to just use
>> ktime_get_snapshot would be much nicer.
> Could I add struct clocksource to system_time_snapshot struct in next version of my patch set?

Yes, I say go ahead. At least it will get closer to a final design.