Re: [GIT PULL] tee subsys fixes for v5.4 (take two)

From: Jens Wiklander
Date: Sun Nov 17 2019 - 09:22:28 EST

On Sun, Nov 17, 2019 at 12:45 AM Olof Johansson <olof@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> On Fri, Nov 15, 2019 at 11:53:53AM +0100, Jens Wiklander wrote:
> > Hello arm-soc maintainers,
> >
> > Please pull these OP-TEE driver fixes. There's one user-after-free issue if
> > in the error handling path when the OP-TEE driver is initializing. There's
> > also one fix to to register dynamically allocated shared memory needed by
> > kernel clients communicating with secure world via memory references.
> >
> > "tee: optee: Fix dynamic shm pool allocations" is now from version 2 which
> > includes a fix up with a small but vital dependency.
> >
> > If you think it's too late for v5.4 please queue this for v5.5 instead.
> Hi,
> I noticed you based this on -rc3 -- all our other branches are on -rc2 or
> older.

I'm sorry, I thought -rc3 was old enough. I'll stick to -rc2 or older
in next time.

> Anyway, I brought this in to the fixes branch, it's the only thing we have
> queued up at this time so I'll give it a few days in -next before I send it in.



> -Olof