Attention: To Whom It May Concern

From: Lamizana Mariam
Date: Fri Nov 22 2019 - 02:37:21 EST

Attention: To Whom It May Concern

I know you will be surprised to read my email. Apart from being surprise you may be skeptical to reply me because based on what is happening around the internet globally, I am aware of insecurity on internet, But that does not mean that genuine business does not exist when it comes through internet. No, I am assuring you that my proposal has nothing to do with scam going on the internet and do not allow that to over-influence you on whatever business that comes your way.

I believe you may be in a position to assist for me for this my proposed transaction, It is Raw Gold of 50 kilograms( Current average values estimated 2 399 246.5 US Dollars.), I am looking for a trust worthy individual who will help me and also whom I can confided with because this said goods is an inheritance and I want to leave my country for a new life in any part of the world because of the socio-political situation of my country and my problem I am facing is exportation aspect here, we needed funds for documentations and fees for the export.

If you will assist me and after the sale of the gold, I am ready to offer you 20 percent of the total sales and as soon as the said goods arrive the shore the final destination that is your country I will join you in your country also you will help on which kind of investment will put my own part of the fund into?

I assure you it is risk free, this transaction will be done legally and need honesty and confidentiality. I will follow any advice you may desire to give me for us to be successful in this transaction.

Please do not reply to my ad if you are not interested! Because I need a serious partner, and keep your insults to you.

Thanking you in advance with my sincerely heart to you.

Madam Lamizana Mariam