Re: [PATCH 08/12] crypto: caam - support crypto_engine framework for SKCIPHER algorithms

From: Herbert Xu
Date: Fri Nov 22 2019 - 06:09:25 EST

On Fri, Nov 22, 2019 at 11:05:59AM +0000, Iuliana Prodan wrote:
> Sorry, but I don't understand what is wrong here? I'm using the correct
> type, the specific type, for the request when sending it to crypto engine.
> This transfer_request_to_engine function is called from caam_jr_enqueue,
> where I have all types of request, so I'm using the async_request, and
> when transferring to crypto engine I cast it to the specific type.

These internal types are only for use by the crypto API and helper
code such as crypto_engine. They should not be used by drivers in

> I believe is an overhead to sent all request to crypto engine since most
> of them can be directly executed by hw.
> Also, in case there is no need for backlog and the hw is busy we can
> drop the request.

If the crypto_engine has so much overhead then you should work on
fixing crypto_engine and not work around it like this.

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