WireGuard for 5.5?

From: Jason A. Donenfeld
Date: Wed Nov 27 2019 - 05:11:37 EST

Hey Dave,

It looks like Frankenzinc has landed in Herbert's crypto-2.6.git tree,
and he'll be pushing to Linus quite soon. The fact that there are two
separate trees means that I've missed your net-next cut this Monday,
due to waiting for these pieces to be in place. But I was wondering if
we could do some juggling so that WireGuard doesn't take ~135 days
from now to be released in 5.6, but rather sooner in 5.5. I suspect
this would entail: Herbert pushes to Linus, you pull from Linus, I
submit on top of your tree, you push back to Linus. I realize that
this isn't the ordinary procedure, and if you prefer to do things in
the ordinary way, that's fine and I understand. But in case you're as
excited as I am about getting WireGuard out the door at long last,
maybe we can try to handle this cross-tree situation with