Re: [PATCH v6 03/11] powerpc/mm: Adds arch-specificic functions to track lockless pgtable walks

From: Leonardo Bras
Date: Mon Feb 17 2020 - 15:34:13 EST

On Fri, 2020-02-07 at 01:38 -0300, Leonardo Bras wrote:
> > Why not make them static inline just like the generic ones ?
> >
> Sure, can be done. It would save some function calls.
> For that I will define the per-cpu variable in .c and declare it in .h
> All new function can be moved to .h, while changing adding the inline
> modifier.

Just tried doing that, but percpu stuff relies in paca definitions, and
this ends up creating some cyclic dependencies.

I could try to change that, but the amount of change is big and
probably should be dealt in another patchset.

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