Re: [for-next][PATCH 12/26] Documentation: bootconfig: Add a doc for extended boot config

From: Markus Elfring
Date: Thu Feb 20 2020 - 04:11:44 EST

I wonder about a few details in the added text.

> +++ b/Documentation/admin-guide/bootconfig.rst
> +C onfig File Limitation

How do you think about to omit a space character at the beginning
of this line?

> +Currently the maximum config size size is 32KB â

Would you like to avoid a word duplication here?

> +Note: this is not the number of entries but nodes, an entry must consume
> +more than 2 nodes (a key-word and a value). â

I find the relevance of the term ânodesâ unclear at the moment.

Could an other wording be nicer than the abbreviation âa doc for â configâ
in the commit subject?