Re: [PATCH 2/2] MAINTAINERS: Set MIPS status to Odd Fixes

From: Zhou Yanjie
Date: Thu Feb 20 2020 - 12:36:45 EST


On 2020å02æ21æ 01:01, YunQiang Su wrote:
Zhou Yanjie <zhouyanjie@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> ä2020å2æ20æåå äå8:40åéï

CC people from Ingenic Semi and Wanyee Tech.

On 2020å02æ20æ 20:11, YunQiang Su wrote:
CC people from NeoCore and CIP United, and my Wave Computing's mail address.

Thomas Bogendoerfer <tsbogend@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> ä2020å2æ20æåå äå7:23åéï
On Wed, Feb 19, 2020 at 11:17:30AM -0800, Paul Burton wrote:
My time with MIPS the company has reached its end, and so at best I'll
have little time spend on maintaining arch/mips/. Reflect that in
MAINTAINERS by changing status to Odd Fixes. Hopefully this might spur
the involvement of someone with more time, but even if not it should
help serve to avoid unrealistic expectations.
I'd like to jump in as MIPS maintainer. I'm doing Linux MIPS kernel
It is a great news that you are willing to act as maintainer as Linux-MIPS.

development since ages (started with an Olivetti M700 and kernel version
2.x) and right now time for doing the jobs isn't issue:-)

I noticed that you are mainly working some old machines.
And recently years, there are some new machines from Ingenic, Loongson, MTK etc.
MIPS Inc also have some MIPSr6 IPs.
I think that you need some of these machines.
I can provide some new Ingenic platform machines as a gift to Thomas.
Ingenic X1000 can be provided in a short time, it has been directly
supported by kernel 5.6.
X1830 and X2000 will be available later.

In the last years, we see that the single maintainer is not enough as people may
quite busy.
Do you think that we need co-maintainers?
Paul Cercueil also has interest about it. That's so cool.

As a suggestion, I think that we can have a maintainers team:

Option1: Paul Cercueil/Thomas Bogendoerfer/Jiaxun Yang
Option2: Thomas Bogendoerfer/Paul Cercueil/Jiaxun Yang

any idea?

1. PaulC works lots for Ingenic support.
2. Thomas works lots for some SGI IP and some other hardware
3. Jiaxun works lots for Loongson hardware.

How about the three maintainer have equal rights but different emphasis.
They can jointly maintain the common code parts, and they all have the veto power
to ensure that new changes will not affect other platforms. And they can have a
greater say in their respective focus departments, because each maintainer has
corresponding hardware in hand, which can ensure that the code is tested and
can run correctly.

BTW, as a developer of the Ingenic platform, I can donate the hardware of the
Ingenic platform to the other two maintainers so that any one of the three maintainer
can effectively verify the code of the Ingenic platform.


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