Re: [PATCH v9 0/8] KVM: Add virtualization support of split lock detection

From: Xiaoyao Li
Date: Tue May 26 2020 - 02:19:38 EST

Hi Thomas,

On 5/18/2020 9:27 AM, Xiaoyao Li wrote:
On 5/9/2020 7:05 PM, Xiaoyao Li wrote:
This series aims to add the virtualization of split lock detection in

Due to the fact that split lock detection is tightly coupled with CPU
model and CPU model is configurable by host VMM, we elect to use
paravirt method to expose and enumerate it for guest.

Thomas and Paolo,

Do you have time to have a look at this version?

Does this series have any chance to meet 5.8?

If not, do you plan to take a look at it after merge window?