Re: [PATCH v5 0/3] interconnect: Support Samsung Exynos use-case

From: Sylwester Nawrocki
Date: Wed May 27 2020 - 10:41:49 EST

Hi Georgi,

On 27.05.2020 15:49, Georgi Djakov wrote:
> Hi Sylwester,
> Thank you for re-sending these!
> On 5/21/20 15:28, Sylwester Nawrocki wrote:
>> Hi All,
>> This is a continuation of Artur's efforts to add interconnect and PM QoS
>> support for Exynos SoCs. Previous version of the patch set can be found
>> at [1]. The only change comparing to v4 is an addition of missing 'static
>> inline' qualifier to the of_icc_get_from_provider() function stub, i.e.
>> addresing Georgi's review comments.
>> The patches have been tested on Odroid U3 (Exynos4412 SoC).
>> Below is detailed description of the patch set as in v4.
>> ---------
>> Previously posted as a part of a larger RFC [2].
> The patches look good to me and i am planning to apply them for v5.9,
> but what happened to the devfreq patches, which will make use of this?
> Are they posted separately?

Thank you, remaining patches are not posted yet. I'm still working on them
and should be posting them this week. They are almost ready and I'm doing
some more tests.

I have converted the code that was previously added to the exynos-bus driver
to a separate interconnect driver as you suggested. In the exynos devfreq
only a child platform device is registered for the interconnect driver,
which then registers a PM QoS request for its parent device. After rebasing
today I noticed something very similar has been recently added in the devfreq
subsystem for the imx platforms. Let's discuss further after I actually post
the patches.