Re: [PATCH v5 07/11] i2c: designware: Discard Cherry Trail model flag

From: Andy Shevchenko
Date: Wed May 27 2020 - 11:57:37 EST

On Wed, May 27, 2020 at 06:30:42PM +0300, Serge Semin wrote:
> A PM workaround activated by the flag MODEL_CHERRYTRAIL has been removed
> since commit 9cbeeca05049 ("i2c: designware: Remove Cherry Trail PMIC I2C
> bus pm_disabled workaround"), but the flag most likely by mistake has been
> left in the Dw I2C drivers. Let's remove it.

Same comment as per previous version.

> the only model-flag left, redefine it to be 0x100 so setting a very first
> bit in the MODEL_MASK bits range.

Cool, but why should we care?

> -#define MODEL_MSCC_OCELOT 0x00000200
> +#define MODEL_MSCC_OCELOT 0x00000100

We have 4 bits for that, and you are going to reuse this anyway.

I consider this unneeded churn.

With Best Regards,
Andy Shevchenko