Re: [PATCH v3 002/105] reset: simple: Add reset callback

From: Philipp Zabel
Date: Wed May 27 2020 - 12:04:05 EST

Hi Maxime,

On Wed, 2020-05-27 at 17:47 +0200, Maxime Ripard wrote:
> The reset-simple code lacks a reset callback that is still pretty easy to
> implement. The only real thing to consider is the delay needed for a device
> to be reset, so let's expose that as part of the reset-simple driver data.
> Cc: Philipp Zabel <p.zabel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> Reviewed-by: Philipp Zabel <p.zabel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> Signed-off-by: Maxime Ripard <maxime@xxxxxxxxxx>

Thank you, I've applied patches 1 & 2 to the reset/next branch.