I.T. X plan:

From: Ywe CÃrlyn
Date: Thu May 28 2020 - 01:59:49 EST

* Karmic Koala bootstyle,high res text, no image / initrd.
* Enligthenment, Right Corner Bar/Launch Menu
* Fair Pay, lexically organized commercial directory. Com:|Top|Category|Subcategory|1m km2 zone|23.000 km2 zone|Person|Groupings - no unecessary logins, easy exposure, and changing / to | symbolizing fair pay structure, and also making / available in filenames, which is a common thing.
* 0.33 ms latency Renoise, suggesting optimized paths for this.
* 72.7 (3x pass) Doom 3 (low jitter config) - will probably be great for Direct 3D 12.
* Readied for â-money integration. EU optimally symbolically located for this.
* Calibri font for easy cursive Islamic integration, and bold chan integration, supporting all developments back to Adams Tablet, source of fair job principles. Hail Jagod!

Serene Greetings,
Ywe CÃrlyn