Re: [PATCH 1/4] arm: mvebu: dts: Add CRS326-24G-2S board

From: Andrew Lunn
Date: Fri Jul 24 2020 - 10:54:02 EST

On Fri, Jul 24, 2020 at 12:38:37PM +0200, Luka Kovacic wrote:
> MikroTik CRS326-24G-2S board has a switch chip with an integrated
> Marvell Prestera 98DX3236 CPU.
> This commit includes two board variants, namely the factory
> default one and a Bit variant. The Bit variant has a
> bigger Macronix flash.
> This device tree includes basic Linux support.
> Signed-off-by: Luka Kovacic <luka.kovacic@xxxxxxxxxx>
> Cc: Luka Perkov <luka.perkov@xxxxxxxxxx>
> Cc: Jakov Petrina <jakov.petrina@xxxxxxxxxx>

Reviewed-by: Andrew Lunn <andrew@xxxxxxx>