Re: Minor RST rant

From: David Sterba
Date: Fri Jul 24 2020 - 14:15:24 EST

On Fri, Jul 24, 2020 at 06:41:30PM +0100, Matthew Wilcox wrote:
> I think we're all pretty comfortable seeing function names adorned with
> a closing pair of parens. The ``...`` to adorn constants feels OK to me,
> but maybe not to you? If that feels excessive, can you suggest something
> that would distinguish between POSIX and AT_EMPTY_PATH?
> [1] Too far being a subjective measure, of course. My preferences
> are on display in core-api/xarray.rst

I like that minimalistic style and I'd suggest to use the quotes only
for the document-specific definitions, eg. the XA_ macros, and drop
quotes around NULL or other standard macros like LONG_MAX. The quotes
are hilighted in vim and seeing NULL is actually distracting.

Functions get automatically converted to html links so this does not
need to be explicitly quoted, but similar to wikipedia style, the first
mention could be quoted to provide a visual anchor.