Re: [PATCH 9/9] soc/qcom: Add REVID driver

From: Konrad Dybcio
Date: Sun Jul 26 2020 - 07:41:28 EST

Hi Greg, thanks for your review!

>Why do we need this noise in the kernel log?

I guess it could be left there as a debug print? Knowing your hardware
revision seems like a good, but yeah, not a necessary thing.

>You can drop the GPL boilerplate text and add a proper SPDX line at the

Seems I only did that in my other local tree.. whoops!

>Drivers should always use dev_err() and friends, as you have access to a
>struct device * always. Please fix up the driver here to use that api
>instead, no pr_* should be needed at all.

Will do.

>Horrible global symbol name. Who calls this?

Welcome to development on qcom platforms :D

>This is the last patch in
>the series, so if there is no user for this, please don't export it.

Other downstream drivers make use of it.. need to get this up first, sorry :V

>Why do you need a .h file in the include directory if only a single .c
>file needs it? Just put that info in the .c file itself.

Again, other downstream drivers which some people and I intend to
bring to upstream standards use that to access the PMIC model/hw revision.

>But again, who uses this module? If it's only good for a single line in
>the kernel log, that feels like a huge waste to me.

downstream-kernel-dir$ rg -l qpnp-revid.h | wc -l

So yeah, quite a bunch of other qcom-specific drivers.

I'll try to fix these and send a v2.