Re: [PATCH v5 08/10] net: eth: altera: add support for ptp and timestamping

From: Jakub Kicinski
Date: Mon Jul 27 2020 - 11:55:00 EST

On Mon, 27 Jul 2020 17:21:55 +0800 Ooi, Joyce wrote:
> From: Dalon Westergreen <dalon.westergreen@xxxxxxxxx>
> Add support for the ptp clock used with the tse, and update
> the driver to support timestamping when enabled. We also
> enable debugfs entries for the ptp clock to allow some user
> control and interaction with the ptp clock.
> Cc: Richard Cochran <richardcochran@xxxxxxxxx>
> Signed-off-by: Dalon Westergreen <dalon.westergreen@xxxxxxxxx>
> Signed-off-by: Joyce Ooi <joyce.ooi@xxxxxxxxx>

W=1 build reveals a warnings, please fix:

drivers/net/ethernet/altera/intel_fpga_tod.c:334:55: warning: Using plain integer as NULL