Re: [PATCH v2 2/5] drm/mediatek: fix boot up for 720 and 480 but 1080

From: Frank Wunderlich
Date: Sun Aug 02 2020 - 01:07:45 EST


Am 2. August 2020 02:08:44 MESZ schrieb Chun-Kuang Hu <>:
>Hi, Frank:
>> - disable tmds on phy on mt2701
>> - support other resolutions like 1280x1024
>If this patch does two things, it should be broken into two patches.
As far as i see,it only disable tmds and so fix specific resolutions like the the one below.some other (like 1080p) does not have this Problem.

> I think every pll is default off, so you should turn on pll rather
> than disable tmds

Is disabling tmds wrong here? Which pll is needed here? What does tmds? I got only the Patches for testing....

>> without this Patch i see flickering on my TFT (1280x1024),
>> so i guess clock is wrong.

regards Frank