Re: [PATCH v4] scsi: ufs: Cleanup completed request without interrupt notification

From: Can Guo
Date: Mon Aug 03 2020 - 01:10:22 EST

Hi Bart,

On 2020-08-03 11:12, Bart Van Assche wrote:
On 2020-07-31 16:17, Can Guo wrote:
For scsi_dma_unmap() part, that is true - we should make it serialized with
any other completion paths. I've found it during my fault injection test, so
I've made a patch to fix it, but it only comes in my next error recovery
enhancement patch series. Please check the attachment.

Hi Can,

It is not clear to me how that patch serializes scsi_dma_unmap() against
other completion paths? Doesn't the regular completion path call
__ufshcd_transfer_req_compl() without holding the host lock?



FYI, ufshcd_intr() holds the host spin lock the whole time. So, to your
question, the regular completion path from IRQ handler has the host lock held.


Can Guo.