[PATCH] hugetlbfs: remove call to huge_pte_alloc without i_mmap_rwsem

From: Mike Kravetz
Date: Mon Aug 03 2020 - 18:45:02 EST

Commit c0d0381ade79 ("hugetlbfs: use i_mmap_rwsem for more pmd sharing
synchronization") requires callers of huge_pte_alloc to hold i_mmap_rwsem
in at least read mode. This is because the explicit locking in
huge_pmd_share (called by huge_pte_alloc) was removed. When restructuring
the code, the call to huge_pte_alloc in the else block at the beginning
of hugetlb_fault was missed.

Unfortunately, that else clause is exercised when there is no page table
entry. This will likely lead to a call to huge_pmd_share. If
huge_pmd_share thinks pmd sharing is possible, it will traverse the mapping
tree (i_mmap) without holding i_mmap_rwsem. If someone else is modifying
the tree, bad things such as addressing exceptions or worse could happen.

Simply remove the else clause. It should have been removed previously.
The code following the else will call huge_pte_alloc with the appropriate

Fixes: c0d0381ade79 ("hugetlbfs: use i_mmap_rwsem for more pmd sharing synchronization")
Cc: <stable@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Signed-off-by: Mike Kravetz <mike.kravetz@xxxxxxxxxx>
mm/hugetlb.c | 4 ----
1 file changed, 4 deletions(-)

diff --git a/mm/hugetlb.c b/mm/hugetlb.c
index 590111ea6975..0f6716422a53 100644
--- a/mm/hugetlb.c
+++ b/mm/hugetlb.c
@@ -4539,10 +4539,6 @@ vm_fault_t hugetlb_fault(struct mm_struct *mm, struct vm_area_struct *vma,
} else if (unlikely(is_hugetlb_entry_hwpoisoned(entry)))
- } else {
- ptep = huge_pte_alloc(mm, haddr, huge_page_size(h));
- if (!ptep)
- return VM_FAULT_OOM;