Re: [GIT PULL 0/5] ARM: SoC: changes for v5.9

From: Konrad Dybcio
Date: Wed Aug 05 2020 - 15:29:46 EST

Thanks for all the kind words, I really appreciate it.

>My impression is that the newly added phones are still fairly rudimentary,
>but some others that were added in the past releases have gotten
>further. I don't know any details, but I've added Konrad to Cc, he can
>comment on his work.

Thanks for adding me. The Sony sdm630/6 phones are shaping up really
well, but most of the work is not upstreamed yet mainly due to SMMU
maintainers not liking Qualcomm code and looking for cleaner
solutions. As time progresses, more things will see the light of the
upstream. The current-ish progress can be seen on my github [1]. And
much more is yet to come.

Regarding msm8992/4, there is a need for the 20nm DSI PHY driver. It
exists for every other gen of qcom SoCs since 2013, but due to low
interest in these platforms, this specific one never got there. I
tried emailing the person who wrote most of the present ones, but
gmail told me the mail didn't exist :shrug:.

>> Should we have some kind of linux-phones mailing list? There is quite a lot of
>> stuff common in phones.

>PostmarketOS is probably the right place to look for this.

First of all: postmarketOS, not PostmarketOS :P

I would actually say that's incorrect. With the release of the
PinePhone and the Librem 5, the Linux mobile community has entered its
heyday and plenty mobile-oriented distributions have arisen (for
example Mobian, Manjaro ARM, Pure OS-ARM etc.) and some have gotten
more attention than before (think Ubuntu Touch, Maemo Leste). pmOS is
only one of many.

The current thing to do is every distro maintains their own kernel (or
over 100 like in pmOS, which is terrible for the poor CI :/) and only
a small percentage of patches end up being upstreamed for various
reasons (clean-ness of the code, will of the maintainers, time
constraints..). As time goes, we're gonna see more stuff being added.