Re: [PATCH v9 08/10] gpu: host1x: mipi: Keep MIPI clock enabled and mutex locked till calibration done

From: Sowjanya Komatineni
Date: Thu Aug 06 2020 - 23:10:22 EST

On 8/6/20 7:31 PM, Dmitry Osipenko wrote:
06.08.2020 22:01, Sowjanya Komatineni пишет:
+int tegra_mipi_start_calibration(struct tegra_mipi_device *device)
const struct tegra_mipi_soc *soc = device->mipi->soc;
unsigned int i;
@@ -381,12 +375,16 @@ int tegra_mipi_calibrate(struct tegra_mipi_device *device)
tegra_mipi_writel(device->mipi, value, MIPI_CAL_CTRL);
- mutex_unlock(&device->mipi->lock);
- clk_disable(device->mipi->clk);
+ /*
+ * Wait for min 72uS to let calibration logic finish calibration
+ * sequence codes before waiting for pads idle state to apply the
+ * results.
+ */
+ usleep_range(75, 80);
Could you please explain why the ACTIVE bit can't be polled instead of
using the fixed delay? Doesn't ACTIVE bit represents the state of the
busy FSM?

Based on internal discussion, ACTIVE bit gets cleared when all enabled pads calibration is done (same time as when DONE set to 1).

Will request HW designer to look into design and confirm  exactly when ACTIVE bit gets cleared.

Will get back on this.