[PATCH v7 0/2] shtc1: add support for device tree bindings

From: Chris Ruehl
Date: Fri Aug 07 2020 - 03:31:49 EST

Add support for DTS bindings to the shtc driver
The patches add the compatible table and of_property_read_bool to the
shtc1.c. Newly created Yaml document has been released to the

Signed-off-by: Chris Ruehl <chris.ruehl@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Version 7
make dt_binding_check warings, missing #address-cells, #size-cells in example
Version 6
fix dt_binding_check: missing ';' in examples
Version 5
devicetree/driver-source: name conversion sensirion,low-precision sensirion,blocking-io
use const: 0x70 with the reg:
Version 4
Fix errors report by make dt_binding_check (devicetree)
Set maintainers for the yaml document to my own.
Version 3
Fix errors report with checkpatch.pl
Correct logic, add (!) when check for sensirion,low_precision
Version 2
remove the #ifdef CONFIG_OF
ignore platform data if dev->of_node is valid
use boolean only therefor use sensirion,low_precise to fit the logic
add missing driver.of_match_table entry
Version 1
initial version