Re: [PATCH v32 1/6] dt: bindings: lp50xx: Introduce the lp50xx family of RGB drivers

From: Dan Murphy
Date: Fri Aug 07 2020 - 09:43:40 EST


On 8/4/20 2:55 PM, Dan Murphy wrote:

On 7/28/20 8:39 AM, Dan Murphy wrote:

On 7/22/20 10:31 AM, Dan Murphy wrote:
Introduce the bindings for the Texas Instruments LP5036, LP5030, LP5024,
LP5018, LP5012 and LP5009 RGB LED device driver.  The LP5036/30/24/18/12/9
can control RGB LEDs individually or as part of a control bank group.
These devices have the ability to adjust the mixing control for the RGB
LEDs to obtain different colors independent of the overall brightness of
the LED grouping.

Were you going to pull this in as a user of the Multicolor framework?

Gentle ping.  I saw you were going to push the Omnia these should be ready too

Did you need me to rebase these patches and add the Ack from Linus on the defconfig patch?