[ANNOUNCE] iproute2 5.8

From: Stephen Hemminger
Date: Fri Aug 07 2020 - 11:57:58 EST

Time for a new version of iproute2 to go with the 5.8 kernel.
There are couple of administrative changes that long term downloaders
will notice. First it that iproute2 is now maintained on the "main"
branch. There are parallel copies (both updated) on kernel.org
and github.

If you use github, you will get the right default branch;
if you use kernel.org you will get the WRONG default branch.
Kernel.org still does not have an way to change the name of the
default branch. The "master" branch is dead and will be
removed once kernel.org is fixed. If you have an existing
iproute2 git repo either or clone a new copy or
see one of many tutorials on renaming the master branch.

The other change is that the former date based internal
versioning (snapshot) is replaced by the regular version numbering
which corresponds to the kernel version. Iproute2
carries its own sanitized version of the kernel headers so the
current code will build and run on older kernel releases.

It is recommended to always use the latest iproute2.
Do not treat iproute2 like perf and require matching packages.
The latest code will always run on older kernels (and vice versa);
this is possible because of the kernel API/ABI guarantees.
Except for rare cases, iproute2 does not do maintenance releases
and there is no long term stable version.


Repository for current release

And future release (net-next):

Thanks for all the contributions.

Report problems (or enhancements) to the netdev@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx mailing list.

Alexander Aring (1):
lwtunnel: add support for rpl segment routing

Andrea Claudi (1):
ip address: remove useless include

Anton Danilov (3):
tc: improve the qdisc show command
misc: make the pattern matching case-insensitive
bridge: fdb: the 'dynamic' option in the show/get commands

Bjarni Ingi Gislason (5):
libnetlink.3: display section numbers in roman font, not boldface
man8/bridge.8: fix misuse of two-fonts macros
devlink.8: Use a single-font macro for a single argument
devlink-dev.8: use a single-font macro for one argument
devlint-health.8: use a single-font macro for a single argument

David Ahern (4):
Update kernel headers and import mptcp.h
Update kernel headers
Import rpl.h and rpl_iptunnel.h uapi headers
Update kernel headers and import tc_gate.h

Davide Caratti (2):
ss: allow dumping MPTCP subflow information
tc: full JSON support for 'bpf' filter

Dmitry Yakunin (4):
ss: introduce cgroup2 cache and helper functions
ss: add support for cgroup v2 information and filtering
ss: add checks for bc filter support
lib: fix checking of returned file handle size for cgroup

Eran Ben Elisha (1):
devlink: Add devlink health auto_dump command support

Eyal Birger (2):
ip xfrm: update man page on setting/printing XFRMA_IF_ID in states/policies
ip xfrm: policy: support policies with IF_ID in get/delete/deleteall

Guillaume Nault (3):
ip link: initial support for bareudp devices
tc: flower: support multiple MPLS LSE match
testsuite: Add tests for bareudp tunnels

Hoang Huu Le (1):
tipc: fixed a compile warning in tipc/link.c

Ian K. Coolidge (2):
iproute2: ip addr: Organize flag properties structurally
iproute2: ip addr: Add support for setting 'optimistic'

Ido Schimmel (3):
devlink: Add 'control' trap type
devlink: Add 'mirror' trap action
devlink: Document zero policer identifier

Jakub Kicinski (1):
devlink: support kernel-side snapshot id allocation

Jamie Gloudon (1):
tc/m_estimator: Print proper value for estimator interval in raw.

Julien Fortin (2):
bridge: fdb get: add missing json init (new_json_obj)
bridge: fdb show: fix fdb entry state output for json context

Louis Peens (1):
devlink: add 'disk' to 'fw_load_policy' string validation

Maciej Fijalkowski (1):
tc: mqprio: reject queues count/offset pair count higher than num_tc

Mark Starovoytov (2):
macsec: add support for MAC offload
macsec: add support for specifying offload at link add time

Matthieu Baerts (1):
mptcp: show all endpoints when no ID is specified

Paolo Abeni (3):
add support for mptcp netlink interface
man: mptcp man page
man: ip.8: add reference to mptcp man-page

Petr Machata (1):
tc: pedit: Support JSON dumping

Po Liu (2):
iproute2-next:tc:action: add a gate control action
iproute2-next: add gate action man page

Roi Dayan (1):
ip address: Fix loop initial declarations are only allowed in C99

Roman Mashak (1):
tc: report time an action was first used

Sorah Fukumori (1):
ip fou: respect preferred_family for IPv6

Stephen Hemminger (11):
uapi: update headers
devlink: update include files
uapi: update to magic.h
man/tc: remove obsolete reference to ipchains
uapi: update bpf.h
iplink_bareudp: use common include syntax
rtacct: drop unused header
genl: use <> for system includes
uapi: update bpf.h
replace SNAPSHOT with auto-generated version string
lnstat: use same version as iproute2

Tony Ambardar (1):
configure: support ipset version 7 with kernel version 5

Tuong Lien (1):
tipc: enable printing of broadcast rcv link stats

William Tu (1):
erspan: Add type I version 0 support.

Xin Long (7):
iproute_lwtunnel: add options support for geneve metadata
iproute_lwtunnel: add options support for vxlan metadata
iproute_lwtunnel: add options support for erspan metadata
tc: m_tunnel_key: add options support for vxlan
tc: m_tunnel_key: add options support for erpsan
tc: f_flower: add options support for vxlan
tc: f_flower: add options support for erspan