Re: [PATCH v2] tools: do not include scripts/Kbuild.include

From: Yonghong Song
Date: Fri Apr 16 2021 - 11:40:21 EST

On 4/16/21 6:00 AM, Masahiro Yamada wrote:
Since commit d9f4ff50d2aa ("kbuild: spilt cc-option and friends to
scripts/Makefile.compiler"), some kselftests fail to build.

The tools/ directory opted out Kbuild, and went in a different
direction. They copy any kind of files to the tools/ directory
in order to do whatever they want in their world.

tools/build/Build.include mimics scripts/Kbuild.include, but some
tool Makefiles included the Kbuild one to import a feature that is
missing in tools/build/Build.include:

- Commit ec04aa3ae87b ("tools/thermal: tmon: use "-fstack-protector"
only if supported") included scripts/Kbuild.include from
tools/thermal/tmon/Makefile to import the cc-option macro.

- Commit c2390f16fc5b ("selftests: kvm: fix for compilers that do
not support -no-pie") included scripts/Kbuild.include from
tools/testing/selftests/kvm/Makefile to import the try-run macro.

- Commit 9cae4ace80ef ("selftests/bpf: do not ignore clang
failures") included scripts/Kbuild.include from
tools/testing/selftests/bpf/Makefile to import the .DELETE_ON_ERROR

- Commit 0695f8bca93e ("selftests/powerpc: Handle Makefile for
unrecognized option") included scripts/Kbuild.include from
tools/testing/selftests/powerpc/pmu/ebb/Makefile to import the
try-run macro.

Copy what they need into tools/build/Build.include, and make them
include it instead of scripts/Kbuild.include.

Fixes: d9f4ff50d2aa ("kbuild: spilt cc-option and friends to scripts/Makefile.compiler")
Reported-by: Janosch Frank <frankja@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Reported-by: Christian Borntraeger <borntraeger@xxxxxxxxxx>
Signed-off-by: Masahiro Yamada <masahiroy@xxxxxxxxxx>

LGTM although I see some tools Makefile directly added ".DELETE_ON_ERROR:" in their Makefile.

Acked-by: Yonghong Song <yhs@xxxxxx>