Re: [PATCH] SUNRPC: Add a check for gss_release_msg

From: Shelat, Abhi
Date: Wed Apr 21 2021 - 07:58:35 EST

>>>> They introduce kernel bugs on purpose. Yesterday, I took a look on 4
>>>> accepted patches from Aditya and 3 of them added various severity security
>>>> "holes".
>>> All contributions by this group of people need to be reverted, if they
>>> have not been done so already, as what they are doing is intentional
>>> malicious behavior and is not acceptable and totally unethical. I'll
>>> look at it after lunch unless someone else wants to do it…


Academic research should NOT waste the time of a community.

If you believe this behavior deserves an escalation, you can contact the Institutional Review Board (irb@xxxxxxx) at UMN to investigate whether this behavior was harmful; in particular, whether the research activity had an appropriate IRB review, and what safeguards prevent repeats in other communities.

All researchers at UMN must comply with their Human Research Protection Program Plan [1], and the UMN worksheet [2] to determine if a research activity needs IRB approval includes this question:

Will the investigator use, study, or analyze information or biospecimens obtained through either of the following mechanisms,? Specify
which mechanism(s) apply, if yes:

Communication or interpersonal contact with the individuals. ("interaction”).

which I believe is true based on this thread.

[1] Human Research Protection Program Plan
[2] Human Research Determination