RE: [PATCH 00/13] [RFC] Rust support

From: David Laight
Date: Wed Apr 28 2021 - 17:22:12 EST

From: Mariusz Ceier
> Sent: 28 April 2021 19:34
> I suggest to wait until featureful GPL implementation of rust language
> is made (assuming GNU Rust is on the way) before merging any rust code
> in the kernel and when that implementation is done make a requirement
> that all rust code must be buildable by at least GPL implementation.
> Maybe it would also be worthwhile to make the requirement that the
> kernel must be buildable with free software (not just open source
> software) explicit ?

Or put the version of the compiler that works in the source tree
with the kernel and then build it as part of the full build.

It is enough of a PITA having to find libelf-devel in order to
build objtool, never mind having to find the correct version
of something else.

gcc tends to be available and the version doesn't matter too much.
But ever that gives problems.


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