Re: [PATCH 0/2] clk: Implement a clock request API

From: Stephen Boyd
Date: Fri Apr 30 2021 - 16:59:44 EST

Quoting Maxime Ripard (2021-04-13 03:13:18)
> Hi,
> This is a follow-up of the discussion here:
> This implements a mechanism to raise and lower clock rates based on consumer
> workloads, with an example of such an implementation for the RaspberryPi4 HDMI
> controller.
> There's a couple of things worth discussing:
> - The name is in conflict with clk_request_rate, and even though it feels
> like the right name to me, we should probably avoid any confusion
> - The code so far implements a policy of always going for the lowest rate
> possible. While we don't have an use-case for something else, this should
> maybe be made more flexible?

I'm definitely confused how it is different from the
clk_set_rate_exclusive() API and associated
clk_rate_exclusive_get()/clk_rate_exclusive_put(). Can you explain
further the differences in the cover letter here?

> Let me know what you think
> Maxime