Re: [PATCH v2] init/gcov: allow CONFIG_CONSTRUCTORS on UML to fix module gcov

From: Johannes Berg
Date: Mon May 10 2021 - 08:50:57 EST


> Hi Johannes and Peter, sorry to bother but I have one question
> on this change. The do_ctors() won’t be executed for UML
> because *the constructors have already been called for ELF*.
> *__ctors_start* and *__ctors_end* symbols. See link:
> In my environment, UML+GCC 10, I can't find __gcov_init executed
> before kernel starts. So I did some trace and found glibc
> __libc_csu_init
> will only execute constructors between *__init_array_start*and
> *__init_array_end*.
> Which means if do_ctors() is not executed for UML, no elsewhere will
> the constructors be executed.
> Shall we remove the *!defined(CONFIG_UML)* for GCC, or I just missed
> some steps to make the GCOV work for UML?

No, that doesn't seem like the right solution.

Perhaps then with that toolchain (or configuration thereof) we need to
provide __init_array_start/end labels?

Or ... maybe that actually just needs to be removed, so that the
toolchain gets to choose?

Hmm. Pretty sure it worked for me, I think also with gcc 10, but not
sure exactly where I tested.