Re: [RFC PATCH 15/15] 9p/trans_virtio: Handle virtio_device_ready() failure

From: asmadeus
Date: Mon May 17 2021 - 05:54:11 EST

Xie Yongji wrote on Mon, May 17, 2021 at 05:34:28PM +0800:
> Now virtio_device_ready() will return error if we get
> invalid status. Let's handle this case on probe.

The change itself looks good to me

It's going to be a pain to apply though because it depends on
you just sent, so this won't apply to virtio maintainers on one hand,
and I can't take just this patch because it depends on the first patch
in the patchset (well if it weren't RFC)...

I guess sending the other patch to Linus fast-ish so it can go in virtio
tree would be the best way forward? other maintainers please advise, I'm
bad at this.

> Signed-off-by: Xie Yongji <xieyongji@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Acked-by: Dominique Martinet <asmadeus@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>