Re: [PATCH v3 00/14] Driver of Intel(R) Gaussian & Neural Accelerator

From: Thomas Zimmermann
Date: Mon May 17 2021 - 16:15:54 EST


Am 17.05.21 um 22:00 schrieb Daniel Vetter:

Sharing common code among subsystems is not a problem. Many of our
more-sophisticated helpers are located in DRM because no other
subsystems have the requirements yet. Maybe AI now has and we can move
the rsp shareable code to a common location. But AI is still no GPU. To
give a bad analogy: GPUs transmit audio these days. Yet we don't treat
them as sound cards.

We actually do, there are full blown sound drivers for them over in
sound/ (ok I think they're all in sound/hda for pci gpus or in
sound/soc actually). There's some glue to tie it together because it
requires coordination between the gpu and sound side of things, but
that's it.

I know. But we don't merge both subsystems, just because the devices have some overlap in functionality.

Best regards

Also I think it would be extremely silly to remove all the drm_ stuff
just because it's originated from GPUs, and therefore absolutely
cannot be used by other accelarators. I'm not seeing the point in
that, but if someone has convincing technical argument for this we
could do it. A tree wide s/drm_/xpu_ might make some sense perhaps if
that makes people more comfortable with the idea of reusing code from
gpu origins for accelerators in general.

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