Re: [PATCH mfd v1] mfd: Add Renesas Synchronization Management Unit (SMU) support

From: Lee Jones
Date: Wed May 26 2021 - 04:02:06 EST

On Tue, 25 May 2021, Min Li wrote:
> > Why do you need to track how many there are?
> >
> > We don't usually do that at all.

You've cut away all of the context.

Please keep all the context so that we and others know what we're

> It is used to index the mfd_cell array, rsmu_cdev[RSMU_MAX_MFD_DEV]

Why do you need to index the array?

The devices look identical to me.

Just have one entry for each type and register them in a for() loop.

> The index is also used to enumerate the rsmu character device, say /dev/rsmu[0/1/2/3]

You should be able to use platform_id or a similar built-in counting
mechanism. There shouldn't be any requirement for you to hand-roll
your own device counting solution.

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