Re: [PATCH v2 16/17] leds: leds-nuc: add support for changing the ethernet type indicator

From: Pavel Machek
Date: Wed May 26 2021 - 10:47:55 EST


> > > See, there's nothing that the driver can possible do with
> > > rx, tx, link, interval, device_name/device, as the the BIOS allows
> > > to set to "LAN1", "LAN2" or "LAN1+LAN2". the WMI interface doesn't
> > > provide *any* information about what LAN1 means.
> >
> > On the contrary, there is something the driver can do with these
> > attributes. If the specific combination is not supported, the driver
> > should return -EOPNOTSUPP in the trigger_offload method and let the
> > netdev trigger do the work in software.
> Letting netdev to trigger is something we don't want to allow, as this
> can cause side effects, making it doing slow the system due to BIOS calls
> for no good reason.

I'm with Marek here. Please listen to him.

Yes, operating LEDs can cost some CPU cycles. That's the case on most
hardware. Yet we want to support most triggers on most hardware.

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