Re: [PATCH v1 04/10] ARM: tegra: Add reg property to Tegra20 EMC table device-tree nodes

From: Dmitry Osipenko
Date: Tue Jun 01 2021 - 13:54:46 EST

01.06.2021 14:25, Thierry Reding пишет:
>> The TF101 support mostly in a completed state now, we still need to try
>> to figure out why upstream kernel doesn't work using a stock Android
>> bootloader, so far bootloader replacement to u-boot is required.
> I think it's fine to merge support upstream if there is some sort of
> bootloader that it can run with. If that bootloader is open-source like
> U-Boot, the better, but I don't think we need to set the bar as high as
> being able to boot with any available bootloader. There are all sorts
> of reasons why the Android stock bootloader may cause things not to work
> and there's probably no way to get it fixed anyway. It's similarly
> possible that the kernel may need some outlandish quirk to accomodate
> for that breakage and we may not want, or be able, to upstream such
> quirks anyway.

Lots of devices with Android bootloader have odd limitations in regards
to kernel zImage size, this is the main culprit. Nothing we can do about
this in kernel code, but at least we may know how to prepare kernel
config properly to make it working.

> So if you want to pursue making upstream Linux work with the stock
> Android bootloader, that's a fine goal and I won't object, but it's not
> a requirement that I will insist on before merging DTS files.

This is indeed not a blocker for the device-tree. We will probably send
all the transformers together once they all will be ready.