[PATCH] docs: add documentation for SLUB cache kunit tests

From: glittao
Date: Tue Jun 08 2021 - 04:47:58 EST

From: Oliver Glitta <glittao@xxxxxxxxx>

Add documentation for a KUnit test for SLUB debugging functionality.

Signed-off-by: Oliver Glitta <glittao@xxxxxxxxx>
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40,60`` range will plot only samples collected between 40th and
60th seconds).

+KUnit tests for SLUB debugging functionality
+These KUnit tests are used to test some of the SLUB debugging
+KUnit tests are used for unit testing in Linux kernel and easy to run,
+so it is probably the best choice for this type of tests.
+There are tests, which corrupt redzone, the free objects and the freelist.
+Tests are corrupting specific bytes in cache and checking if validation
+finds expected number of bugs. Bug reports are silenced.
+Config option
+In order to built and then run this tests you need to switch
+option SLUB_KUNIT_TEST on. It is tristate option so it can also
+be built as a module. This option depends on SLUB_DEBUG and
+KUNIT options. By default it is on with all kunit tests.
+Error counting
+To get number of errors discovered in slub is used test API kunit_resource.
+In test_init the reference to the integer variable slab_errors is added
+to the resource of this tests.
+During slub cache checking always when bug should be reported or fixed function
+slab_add_kunit_errors() is called. This function find resource to kunit test
+and increment value of data in founded resource, which is slab_errors
+Silence bug reports
+The function slab_add_kunit_errors() is returning bool, which is true if there is kunit test
+with correct kunit_resource running, to silence bug reports, so they are not printed.
+We do not want to correct errors we only want to know they occurred, so these reports
+are unnnecessary.
+KASAN option
+Only 2 out of 5 tests are runnig with KASAN option is on.
+The other three tests deliberately modifies non-allocated objects. And KASAN
+does not detect some errors in the same way as SLUB_DEBUG. So, these tests
+does not run when KASAN option is on.
+1. test_clobber_zone
+ SLUB cache with SLUB_REDZONE flag can detects writings after object. This
+ functionality is tested here on allocated memory.
+ First, there is allocated memory with SLAB_REDZONE and then the first byte
+ after allocated space is modified. Validation founds 2 errors, because of
+ the bug and the fix of the memory.
+2. test_next_pointer
+ SLUB have list of free objects and the address of the next free object
+ is always saved in free object at offset specified in variable offset
+ in struct kmem_cache. This test try to corrupt this freelist and
+ then correct it.
+ First, there is allocated and freed memory to get a pointer to free object.
+ After that, the pointer to next free object is corrupted. The first validation finds
+ 3 errors. One for corrupted freechain, the second for the wrong count of objects
+ in use and the third for fixing the issue. This fix only set number of objects
+ in use to a number of all objects minus 1, because the first free object
+ was corrupted.
+ Then the free pointer is fixed to his previous value. The second validation finds
+ 2 errors. One for the wrong count of objects in use and one for fixing this error.
+ Last validation is used to check if all errors were corrected so no error
+ is found.
+3. test_first_word
+ SLUB cache with SLAB_POISON flag can detect poisoning free objects. This
+ functionality is tested in this test. The test tries to corrupt
+ the first byte in freed memory.
+ First of all, memory is allocated and freed to get a pointer to a free object
+ and then the first byte is corrupted. After that, validation finds 2 errors,
+ one for the bug and the other one for the fix of the memory.
+4. test_clobber_50th_byte
+ In this test SLAB_POISON functionality is tested. The test tries to
+ corrupt the 50th byte in freed memory.
+ First, pointer to a free memory is acquired by allocating and freeing memory.
+ Then 50th byte is corrupted and validation finds 2 errors for the bug and
+ the fix of the memory.
+5. test_clobber_redzone_free
+ This test tests redzone functionality of SLUB cache on a freed object.
+ First, it gets pointer to the free object with allocating and freeing and
+ then corrupts the first byte after the freed object. Validation finds
+ 2 errors for the bug and the fix of the memory.
Christoph Lameter, May 30, 2007
Sergey Senozhatsky, October 23, 2015