Re: Re: [PATCH] mm: hugetlbfs: add hwcrp_hugepages to record memory failure on hugetlbfs

From: wangbin
Date: Tue Jun 08 2021 - 22:23:21 EST

> If you can use root privilege in your use-case, an easy way to get the
> number of corrupted hugepages is to use page-types.c (which reads
> /proc/kpageflags) like below:
> $ page-types -b huge,hwpoison=huge,hwpoison
> flags page-count MB symbolic-flags long-symbolic-flags
> 0x00000000000a8000 1 0 _______________H_G_X_______________________ compound_head,huge,hwpoison
> total 1 0
> But I guess that many usecases do not permit access to this interface,
> where some new accounting interface for corrupted hugepages could be
> helpful as you suggest.

Thanks for your suggestion very much. This approach is helpful to me.
But as you say, root privilege is not permitted in most cases. And I
also want to know the number of corrupted hugepages per node.

Bin Wang