RE: [RFC] Adding A64FX hardware prefetch sysfs interface

From: tarumizu.kohei@xxxxxxxxxxx
Date: Wed Jun 09 2021 - 06:55:31 EST

Hi, Borislav and ARM folks.

> For that we already have a hierarchy:

Thank you for the information.
We would like to see how cpu<NUM>/cache is implemented on x86 first, since we are not familiar with the design of cpu<num>/cache.

> Right, that I'd design differently:
> .../cache/prefetcher/l1/
> /l1/enable
> /l1/dist
> /l1/reliable
> ... /l2/
> ... /l3/
> so that you have a directory per cache level and in that directory you have each
> file.

We agree that it is better to place hardware prefetch files under the cpu<num>/cache directory.

> But let's loop in ARM folks as this is an ARM CPU after all and they'd care for
> that code.

To the ARM folks:
Would you give me information about the current state of cpu<num>/cache implementation in ARM and the future plans?
If it doesn't yet exist as a feature, we would like to contribute to the work to enable it.