Re: [PATCH v2 0/4] fpga: reorganize to subdirs

From: Tom Rix
Date: Wed Jun 09 2021 - 11:08:20 EST

On 6/9/21 7:53 AM, Greg KH wrote:
On Wed, Jun 09, 2021 at 07:22:03AM -0700, trix@xxxxxxxxxx wrote:
From: Tom Rix <trix@xxxxxxxxxx>

The incoming xrt patchset has a toplevel subdir xrt/
The current fpga/ uses a single dir with filename prefixes to subdivide owners
For consistency, there should be only one way to organize the fpga/ dir.
Because the subdir model scales better, refactor to use it.
The discussion wrt xrt is here:

Follow drivers/net/ethernet/ which has control configs
NET_VENDOR_BLA that map to drivers/net/ethernet/bla
Since fpgas do not have many vendors, drop the 'VENDOR' and use

There are several new subdirs

Each subdir has a Kconfig that has a new/reused

... existing configs ...
endif FPGA_BLA

Which is sourced into the main fpga/Kconfig

Each subdir has a Makefile whose transversal is controlled in the
fpga/Makefile by

obj-$(CONFIG_FPGA_BLA) += bla/

Some cleanup to arrange thing alphabetically and make fpga/Makefile's
whitespace look more like net/'s

Changes from
Drop renaming files
Cleanup makefiles
You can rename the files, you just can not rename the .ko objects
without everyone knowing what you are doing and you trying to bury it in
the middle of a differently described patch.

If you want to do that, do you? I don't really understand why you want
to move things around right now other than "we have 40 files in one
directory, ick!".

I am trying to resolve the layout inconsistency between what we have and what the xrt patchset does.

The big issue is the files vs dirs.

Over specified filenames is secondary, so I dropped them.

40 files in one dir is itself not a problem.

having 40 files and an xrt/ is.

fpga/ layout should be consistent so the Makefile and Kconfig are easier to maintain.

My preference is for subdir's.


greg k-h