Re: [PATCH] mac80211: Recast pointer for trailing memcpy()

From: Kees Cook
Date: Thu Jun 17 2021 - 15:30:18 EST

On Wed, Jun 16, 2021 at 09:27:09PM -0700, Kees Cook wrote:
> In preparation for FORTIFY_SOURCE performing compile-time and run-time
> field bounds checking for memcpy(), memmove(), and memset(), avoid
> intentionally writing across neighboring array fields.
> Give memcpy() a specific source pointer type so it can correctly
> calculate the bounds of the copy.

Hmpf, please ignore this patch; sorry for the noise. This fix got
mis-tested on my end and does not solve the problem I was trying to solve.
I will return with a v2. :)

Kees Cook