Re: [PATCH] media: Kconfig: Fix DVB_CORE can't be selected as module

From: Lecopzer Chen
Date: Sat Jun 19 2021 - 03:29:10 EST

> On Tue, Jun 08, 2021 at 06:14:51PM +0800, Lecopzer Chen wrote:
> > The DVB_CORE now depends on MEDIA_DIGITAL_TV_SUPPORT and
> > default MEDIA_DIGITAL_TV_SUPPORT, and this makes it can never be =m
> > since the type of MEDIA_DIGITAL_TV_SUPPORT is bool.
> First of all, the distributions carrry dvb_core as a module, so clearly
> it possible to set DVB_CORE=m.
> As far as I can see, if MEDIA_SUPPORT=m, then DVB_CORE=m.
> So it is possible.

Thanks for review.

After checking, It does change DVB_CORE=m if MEDIA_SUPPORT=m.

We had MEDIA_SUPPORT=y, thus misunderstood by 'default MEDIA_DIGITAL_TV_SUPPORT'.

Thanks again for figuring out this.