Re: [PATCH net-next v5 00/10] Adding the Sparx5i Switch Driver

From: patchwork-bot+netdevbpf
Date: Thu Jun 24 2021 - 14:40:11 EST


This series was applied to netdev/net-next.git (refs/heads/master):

On Thu, 24 Jun 2021 09:07:48 +0200 you wrote:
> This series provides the Microchip Sparx5i Switch Driver
> The SparX-5 Enterprise Ethernet switch family provides a rich set of
> Enterprise switching features such as advanced TCAM-based VLAN and QoS
> processing enabling delivery of differentiated services, and security
> through TCAMbased frame processing using versatile content aware processor
> (VCAP). IPv4/IPv6 Layer 3 (L3) unicast and multicast routing is supported
> with up to 18K IPv4/9K IPv6 unicast LPM entries and up to 9K IPv4/3K IPv6
> (S,G) multicast groups. L3 security features include source guard and
> reverse path forwarding (uRPF) tasks. Additional L3 features include
> VRF-Lite and IP tunnels (IP over GRE/IP).
> [...]

Here is the summary with links:
- [net-next,v5,01/10] dt-bindings: net: sparx5: Add sparx5-switch bindings
- [net-next,v5,02/10] net: sparx5: add the basic sparx5 driver
- [net-next,v5,03/10] net: sparx5: add hostmode with phylink support
- [net-next,v5,04/10] net: sparx5: add port module support
- [net-next,v5,05/10] net: sparx5: add mactable support
- [net-next,v5,06/10] net: sparx5: add vlan support
- [net-next,v5,07/10] net: sparx5: add switching support
- [net-next,v5,08/10] net: sparx5: add calendar bandwidth allocation support
- [net-next,v5,09/10] net: sparx5: add ethtool configuration and statistics support
- [net-next,v5,10/10] arm64: dts: sparx5: Add the Sparx5 switch node

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