Re: [PATCH 0/2] LICENSES: add and use copyleft-next-0.3.1

From: Steven Rostedt
Date: Thu Jul 08 2021 - 15:02:08 EST

On Thu, 8 Jul 2021 10:52:54 -0700
"Bradley M. Kuhn" <bkuhn@xxxxxxx> wrote:

> Joe Perches wrote:
> >>> You can ask but it's the submitter's choice to license their code however
> >>> they desire.
> … to which I'd add, as long as the license is GPLv2-only-compatible, which of
> course (GPLv2-only|copyleft-next) is.

I agree with Joe on this, but I have to ask; What happens when someone
makes a change to this file? The default kernel license is GPL-v2. Does this
change automatically become the same as the file itself, or is the new
change under the dual license?

I've made changes to code that had a dual license that wasn't GPL
compatible, and the company involved asked me to sign off on the other
license (which I did).

-- Steve